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Welcome to Busters Bunnies Rabbitry. Where you can find Champion Californian bucks, does and meat pen rabbits in central Texas.

    In Adrian’s senior year, he had the Grand Champion buck, that came from us, at Kleberg/Kennedy County Fair, 2014. Very proud of you guys!

    Our 6/8 doe was BOS (best opposite sex) at Central Texas Rabbit Show in May, 2014

    Sold the buck that made the Grand Champion pen at 2014 Midway Livestock show.


    Sold the breeders that produced the Grand Champion pen of market rabbits at Calhoun county, Arkansas show, Sept. 2013.

    Contact Buster, as we may still have some top quality breeders available for sale, for the summer of 2014.

We had a pretty good weekend at the 2013 TRBA state show in Belton.  Our 6/8 doe won her class, then went on to win BOB, in show A.  Then we had BOS with our single senior doe entry, and 1st place junior doe, in show C.  All different ages of class winning rabbits. 

BOB and BOS Californians Busters Bunnies

Best of Breed and Best Opposite – Texas Rabbit Breeders Association show 2013

Not only do we think they’re pretty good, but judges from around the country feel we have quality Californian rabbits, here in central Texas too.
BOB and BOS TRBA 2013

This is our prize winning champion Californian rabbit.  She won BOB at the Seguin show B, 2012.  Then went on to win Best In Show runner up.  Been a long time coming, but we finally got there!

best in show runner up

Here’s another one of our winning rabbits. Grand Champion fur, at Fayette county fair, 2010!

Fur Grand Champion 2010

We won Grand Champion fur again, at 2011 Fayette county fair!

Another one of our winners, 1st place junior doe, and ultimately Best Of Breed (BOB) winner.
From the 2009 Yoakum, Texas; Californian specialty open show.

Jr Doe 7 Bob Web

This is A2 and Sharon(the cute one on the right), our 1st place junior doe. She went on to win Californian breed champion. And then, went on to win 1st runner up which is essentially Reserve Grand Champion rabbit, of the entire show.

Buster Bunnies Champion Rabbit

From the Central Texas Rabbit Club show, in Taylor, Texas. This was at the May of 2006, all breeds show. Our first of many Texas grown champion californian show rabbits.

We have other more recent accomplishments, such as;

  • Placed 3rd Senior doe in Texas Californian rabbits specialty show, at Longview. 2nd and 5th senior doe show A. 2nd and 3rd show B, at Longview, 2013. Our top placing doe was a different one, at each show. I like what I like, and they’re pretty much… all alike!
  • BOB show A and BOS show C, at TRBA show, 2013
  • Grand Champion breeder at Hays county, 2013
  • Grand Champion Californian Doe

    Grand Champion Californian Show Rabbit

  • Grand Champion breeder at Kleberg/Kennedy county show 2013
  • BOB and BIS runner up, show B, Seguin TX, 2012
  • 1st place junior doe, Harris county rabbit breeders show, 2012
  • 1st place junior buck, 1st place 6/8 buck, 1st place junior doe, which went on to win Best Opposite (BOS) Cal, Victoria 2011
  • 1st place 6/8 buck, show A, CTRC 2010. Went on to win BOS Californian
  • 1st place junior doe CTRC 2010, show B
  • 2nd and 3rd place junior californian doe, Seguin 2010
  • 1st place junior buck, Seguin 2010
  • 1st place senior Californian buck and senior doe, Kleberg/Kennedy county show, 2010
  • 1st place senior doe, and 6/8 doe, Hays county, 2010
  • 1st place and Best Of Breed CTRC, show A, 2009
  • 1st place senior doe, Texas rabbit breeders state show, 2009
  • 2nd place 6/8 doe Seguin, 2009
  • Grand Champion Breeder, Hays County, 2009
  • 1st place junior doe CTRC, 2008 she then went on to win Best Opposite Sex
  • 2nd place junior buck CTRC, 2008
  • 1st place senior buck Seguin, 2008
  • 1st place single fryer Seguin, 2008
  • 1st place fur Seguin, 2008
  • 1st place Junior Buck Yoakum, 2007
  • 2nd and 3rd place junior Doe Yoakum, 2007
  • 2nd place senior Doe Yoakum, 2007
  • 1st place fur Yoakum, 2007
  • 2nd place junior AND senior doe CTRC, 2007
  • 1st place fur Belton, 2006

Oh yea, A2 went on to win her 6/8 class, 2 weeks later in the Navasota show. But got beat for best of breed by a senior doe, on color points
(see the little white spots on her nose). RJ1 was also the 1st place Jr. Doe, at the same show. So we got two more grand champion legs at this show… not a bad weekend.

While we’re a small time Californian rabbit breeder… that’s finally getting Big time show results. We still to focus on quality, and not so much quantity.

At times we may, and possibly do have, extra championship quality Californian breeder bucks and does for sale (some might be available right now! Better hurry though).

Please contact Buster NOW, for more details.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to purchase mature does I’m so excited to see what we get from them.
I was just in the barn breeding and was feeling of several of my does, there is no comparison in the firmness that yours bring to my barn I think blind folded I could feel them and say that’s a Buster… :o )
Can’t wait until I can cull out and they all feel that way.
The sf’s that I bought from u before have grown into beautiful does as well, one I especially love.
30 miles out of buda I was kicking myself for not getting the fourth doe and had we not had such a long drive back to Arkansas ahead of us, I would have turned around. We got home about 430 that morning and mike had to be at work at 830.
Again thank you for letting me into and purchasing your genetics!!! I’m so excited!


Hi there Buster!

We made the trip back home & even stopped to get an extra cage unit & added equip. from the people below. Kaitlin got her a grooming table! She’s HAPPY! I can’t thank you enough for the time you devoted to us yesterday! The rabbits are wonderful! They are happily snug in their new home. I’ll ask Kaitlin to take a picture of them & send it to you.

Again “MUCH THANKS”!!!!! Talk to ya soon!


We especially like our grand champion quality Californian meat pens, fryer and broilers. For kids 4-H and FFA county fair projects.
Depending on the time of the year, how close to your show time you call, plus how many people we have on the waiting list, we may have extra meat pen bunnies for sale. Call first though.

They usually go pretty fast.

Wonder why…

Check out some of our prior champion meat pen rabbit results, and you’ll see why!